What Is Recycling

What Is Recycling

What Is Recycling? The Process And Its Benefits


What Is Recycling? Recycling is a process in which used materials are collected and separated to use in manufacturing new items. When you make use of glass, steel, paper or aluminum items, chances are they have been recycled at least once. In fact, one-fourth of all fibers used to make paper products are recycled and the same is true of half of all aluminum cans. Steel and glass may be recycled on a number of occasions. What makes recycling different from reusing is that when you reuse a product, you use the same item again. When you recycle, you take core elements of a product and use them to make completely new ones.

What Is Recycling

Recycling is important for a number of reasons. When you recycle a product, energy is saved. When virgin products are used to create a new products, a great deal of energy is consumed. This is in addition to the energy required to obtain and transport the new materials. Fewer natural resources are needed to create recycled products and items which are improperly manufactured no longer need to go to a waste pile. They can be recycled using these methods.

There are many economic and environmental benefits to recycling. Money is saved when materials are recycled. Not only must raw materials be acquired for new manufacturing, they must be transferred from this location to the place of production. Add to this processing and manufacturing costs and the expense adds up. The recycling industry provides many jobs which helps the overall economy of a community. Less energy is required for industrial production so fewer greenhouse emissions are produced. Fuel usage is also reduced when materials are recycled which means fewer pollutants are released into the air. Less land is used for waste disposal also. Recycling has many benefits. There are just a few to consider when determining if you should recycle.

What is recycling and what process do these items go through? The recycling process consists of three stages. First the old products must be collected and sorted. Each item must be cleaned and prepared for the next stage which is the manufacturing process. Here new items are created from the old ones. Finally, consumers purchase these recycled products. As more recycled items are purchased, the above benefits increase significantly. Entire communities benefit when this is the case and the effects spread across the globe. If you aren't recycling yet, the time has come to do so. You are protecting the world for future generations.



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